Undiagnosed Fracture Claims

When a person gets involved in an accident and suffers an injury, the Accident and Emergency department is usually their first stop.  It is the responsibility of the staff at the A&E department of the hospital to diagnose a patient’s fracture depending on the symptoms they are experiencing.

But there are times when hospitals fail to do that.  if you have suffered as a result of undiagnosed fractures, you may be able to claim financial compensation.

It is the duty of the A&E staff to look for symptoms of a fracture. Certain tests may need to be carried out such as X rays to determine if the patient has really suffered a fracture injury.  Sometimes, patients are sent home with painkillers and other medications simply because the doctor has failed to see a fracture.

Other times, depending on the type of accident the patient was involved in and the symptoms they are experiencing, they may not be x-rayed.   The doctor may assume that a fracture injury may not have been sustained.  In such cases, a compensation claim may be possible if the doctor failed to carry out tests to diagnose your fracture.

A fracture can go undiagnosed due to a variety of reasons.  Some examples include:

  • Inexperienced doctor
  • Failure to carry out an X-ray depending on the description of the accident
  • It was difficult to see the fracture on the X ray
  • Fracture was not seen on the X-ray because the angle at which the X-ray was taken was wrong
  • A report suggesting patient has suffered a fracture injury not being passed to the doctor for further assessment
  • Symptoms not typical of a fracture injury and therefore no X ray taken at the first place

Making A Claim

If your fracture went undiagnosed due to medical negligence, we can assist you in bringing a medical negligence claim.

Our expert medical negligence claim solicitors will deal with your undiagnosed fracture claim on a no win no fee basis.

Our solicitors will also ensure that you recover maximum compensation for the pain and losses you have suffered.

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